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Florida Guitar Show

Just to let y'all know that this Saturday (March 1st), a few of the
subscribers to this list will be playing at the Florida Guitar Show at
Thoroughbred Music in Clearwater. My group is called "Future Perfect"
and while its not loopy stuff per se, its a mix of
ambient/prog/Rennaissancy (the band and time period) music..lots of midi
guitar, Soundscapes, flute etc. LVX NOVA will also perform (I can't wait
to see them!!!)...I know we play at 11:30am, but I'm not sure when LVX
NOVA is playing. My band also played there at another event back in
October, and we were lucky enough to have Patrick Moraz in the
audience!! He seemed to like it, and even requested we play a King
Crimson song..ah, delight! Anyway, hope to see some of ya out there!!