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Tim Reynolds looping with Dave Matthews

the above two fellas came by Tucson the other night for a relaxed acoustic
show. it was quite fun; i was fifteen feet away (working security) for the
whole show, so i had a great view.

if you don't know TR, he's the acoustic/electric wizard who appears on all
DMband albums, as well as Greg Howard's Shapes album, and three Sticks and
Stones albums with Greg. 
he played Dave's songs with flair, adding McLaughlin-like flashy runs into
the popsongs. best part, though, was his use of two Boss pedals and a
volume/wah pedal to accentuate everything going on.
i don't know the pedals, but he was able to setup reverbs, delays, loops, 
pitch-shift, and samples. in any case, he set up beautiful looped drones
and frippian ostinatos. he did a solo spot which included a workout of
some piece he'd written - which seemed to use every single aspect of his
two pedals. he also frequently detuned the low E string to the root of the
appropriate song for LOW bass lines. i think he was using a Martin
(probably one of those D28 dreadnought things). 
interesting effect: percussive knocks on the body of the acoustic, which
were pitch-shift/detuned to thicken and then delayed - and then looped
into a backbeat for the song. 
anyhow... a great show, for frat boys, hippies, and loopers alike.

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