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Bob's amazing Lex Enhancement

Just my tuppence worth:

Bob, you mentioned that you were considering using a PC program to run the
JM enhancement.  Will it be possible to run it without a PC, purely by
MIDI?  I don't have a PC and wouldn't really want to gig with one.  Of
course, this is jus one voice in the marketplace, so feel free to ignore
it.  I was just wondering; since most of the best JM features are already
only accessible to MIDI, there's no real change in design philosophy.  (Of
yourse, if I could run it from a 386 I would probably end up buying one...)


PS to kim and co:  Re Kim's bad mood about the ingratitude of EDP
enhancement waitees - I'm _sure_ none of the design team ever so much as
hinted that it was you that was writing the v2 software.  You always talked
about it in 3rd-person terms, ie "Oberheim are developing..." rather than
"Matthias and I are developing....".  If you will keep secrets from us... 

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