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Re: VG8

In a message dated 5/26/97 10:42:39 AM, Michael wrote:

<<Can any of you VG8ers tell me if it's possible to simulate guitar-amp
feedback using the VG8?  I notice there's a feedback FX built-in, but how
effective is it?  Is this why so many VG8ers run them from
Sustainer-equipped guitars?>>

You may be relieved to hear that a Feedbacker is NOT on the feature list of
the V; but the much less expensive GT-5 and GP-100  both include one (I 
the even cheaper GX-700 does), along with excellent preamp, amp and speaker
models for use with regular pickups. It's a trick, of course, and won't
satisfy like the real thing, but may be musically useful once you figure it
out. I'm in a mostly-headphones environment myself, and would get one of 
new COSM-equipped Rolands or Bosses in a heartbeat, if I didn't already 
a VG (and a Mesa Boogie preamp/Ampulator/multifx rack, both of which, with
the recent addition of a Lovetone Brown Source overdrive pedal, provides a
superior, if feedback-challenged,  headphone/recording experience).