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Re: VG8

On Mon, 26 May 1997 10:40:38 +0100 pycraft@elec.gla.ac.uk (Dr M. P.
Hughes) writes:
>Can any of you VG8ers tell me if it's possible to simulate guitar-amp
>feedback using the VG8?  I notice there's a feedback FX built-in, but 
>how effective is it?  Is this why so many VG8ers run them from
>Sustainer-equipped guitars?
Nope.  The SDF pedal, SE-70 and I think the new COSM pre-amps have
simulated feedback FX.  The problem with them is they're mono
(no chords) and have built in LFO's (your vibrato is meaningless).  I
no experience with Sustainer or Sustainiac equipped guitars, but my guess
that players are using them for more than just amp type feedback.  I
 my first live show with the VG-8 last week, and got good feedback
 using the monitor. 

Robert Williams