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re:OB midi boxes (was cyclone (was Vortex info))

>If I may quote Mark Vail's  July 1991 review of the Drummer...
>"Compared to the playback capabilities of...drum machines, Drummer pretty
>much sits on its own drum throne...it can start when you do, it'll get
>louder when you do, and it will play a fill to occupy the gap in the music
>- automatically.
>One of the neatest benefits of Song Mode is that, should presets with
>different tempos be strung together, Drummer will - during playback- start
>adjusting the tempo of the following preset. Thus, there will be smooth,
>rather than abrupt, changes in tempo.

So now we have to create a looper that slowly adjusts to those tempo 
As it changes between loops of different speeds? Oh boy...