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EDP question

Hello, All!

I'm seeing some unexplained behaviour from my two EDPs and I'm hoping 
that someone can explain it (Kim?).  I'll try to describe the set-up as 
clearly as possible.

EDP 1 (Master)          audio in   <------- (from board)
  sync: OUT             audio out  -------> (to board)
  8ths/beat: 1          MIDI out ----+
  SwitchQuant: CYC                   |
  MoreLoops: 3L                      |
EDP 2 (Slave)           MIDI in -----+
  sync: IN              audio in   <------- (from board)
  8ths/beat: 1          audio out  -------> (to board)
  SwitchQuant: CYC
  MoreLoops: 3L

I record a loop in EDP 1 and MULTIPLY it into 8 cycles; the display 

EDP 1:LOOP:       1
      LOOPTIME: 3.4
      MULTIPLE: (cycles from 1 through 8)

I record a loop in EDP 2 and MULTIPLY it into 2 cycles; the display 

EDP 2:LOOP:       1
      LOOPTIME: 13.8
      MULTIPLE: (cycles from 1 to 2)

On EDP 2, I want to do a NEXT LOOP/MULTIPLE type of loop copy.  
Unfortunately, EDP 2 does not enter a lame duck period; it switches to 
LOOP 2 immediately when NEXT LOOP is hit.  Interestingly, if I change 
EDP 2 to sync: OFF, then it works as expected (of course, the units are 
no longer synched).  In other words, EDP 2 seems to ignore 
SwitchQuant=CYC when Sync=IN.

So, how do I do a NEXT LOOP/MULTIPLY loop copy on a slave unit?

- Dennis Leas