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is it worth it?

hey all,

it looks as though i finally have the chance to buy a lexicon vortex...
after many years of trauling the second hand market i just gave up and
phoned the lexicon distributor in australia.. seems there was one
left--an ex-demo that wasn't working. fine i say, fix it up and send it
around, um, any idea what you want to charge? oh.. it'll be a good
deal... blah blah blah... the thing arrived yesterday with the nice
hefty tag of


this is apparently the wholesale price from a couple of years ago. it
seems they had to get a part from lexicon.. hmm.. i have read and
drooled about this thing for some time...odd rhythmic echoes...
morphing... effects called bleen and maze and fractal... cool cool
cool... but $800 worth of cool? translating to international monetary
units that's about 400 beers..

and so i ask you, loopers, do i suffer for my art yet again or have the
400 beers (hmm is that a tautology?---hmmm is this irony during a soul
vs box thread?)

this would definitely be box before soul...  i still have not actually
heard the vortex and only have a vague idea of what i would *use* it
for... i already have some rhythmic delay in the boss se50 (it has a
pretty good multitap delay as well as a wild 5-dd2's-in-a-row patch)...
occasionally i like to rhythmically whack away looper-into-delay style
-- then hit bypass to see the twisted skeleton beneath... it would be
*really* nice to be able  to morph to the twisted skeleton or to
something totally different... do you vortex users out there mainly go
looper-into-vortex or vortex-into-looper? do i really need a vortex that

wo.. sorry about the rant.. brad