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Re: is it worth it?

b.knox wrote:
> hey all,
> it looks as though i finally have the chance to buy a lexicon vortex...
> after many years of trauling the second hand market i just gave up and
> phoned the lexicon distributor in australia.. seems there was one
> left--an ex-demo that wasn't working. fine i say, fix it up and send it
> around, um, any idea what you want to charge? oh.. it'll be a good
> deal... blah blah blah... the thing arrived yesterday with the nice
> hefty tag of
> $800

sorry to be blunt, but if you spend $800 on a lexicon vortex, you are 
there are so many better ways to spend that kind of money.

look into the new digitech studio quad 4, it's about $399 and offers all 
kinds of 
esoteric effects, including "time warp" and reverse delays. 

or, if you want to spend $800, get a second hand g-force or MPX-1. these 
are light-years beyond the vortex. 

but it's your money.