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Re: is it worth it?

b.knox wrote:
> fine i say, fix it up and send it
> around, um, any idea what you want to charge? oh.. it'll be a good
> deal... blah blah blah... the thing arrived yesterday with the nice
> hefty tag of
> $800
> and so i ask you, loopers, do i suffer for my art yet again or have the
> 400 beers (hmm is that a tautology?---hmmm is this irony during a soul
> vs box thread?)

That is an absurdly high price. Even in AUS dollars. There is a Vortex
forsale this week on the newsgroups for $175 US. I have never *ever*
seen one sell for more than $250 US and that was mint in the box with
all pedals in plastic, manual, etc a few years after the blowout.

A vortex is nice but no where near $800AUS worth of cool IMO. 

Troll Rogue music's web site and other places. I'm sure you can find one
easy enough and at a much better price.

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