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Re: is it worth it?

chlorine dream wrote:

> sorry to be blunt, but if you spend $800 on a lexicon vortex, you are 

hehe.............. heheee heeeheeeeee 

> there are so many better ways to spend that kind of money.

i'm starting to wonder exactly what kind of money we are using down here 
-- it is
actually made out of plastic so...

> look into the new digitech studio quad 4, it's about $399 and offers all 
>kinds of
> esoteric effects, including "time warp" and reverse delays.

i have fiddled around a lot with this little device and it seems to do a 
lot of nice
things-- any parameter can link to one of two LFO's or the envelope---just 
quad inputs and outputs is a huge plus---it lists here at around $1100... 
actually pretty hard to get a new rack unit for under $600 here... but 
you're right
-- $800 for a fucked up ex-demo is just plain ludicrous...