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East Coast tour

Hi everybody.Trying to arrange a mini tour of east coast week of 14 - 21
.Ill be doing several pieces for bowed & prepared National Steel
gtr,involving looping ,pure tuning& 'punk 'minimalism(my term for it).I
will also be performing as a member of Atacama ,who have a distinctive
spooky gtr sound .- darkly psychedelic stuff .Its a joint tour of  music
from Louisville Ky that doesnt sound anything like Slint. We have a date in
Detroit for fri 19 (radio broadcast) & Sat 20 , & would also love to hook
up with anyone in Boston-Philly-NYC -Providence-Chicago etc. Please email
me if anyone has any ideas / connections .Thanks so much- hope to meet some
of you out there.   Keenan Lawler