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electricity question

first, i would like to state that my question of the lites going off were 
based on some y2k paranoia, i have more important things to be paranoid 
about.......second, i do not think bombing and shooting are very good 
alternatives, although i had not thought about this as a 
solution........third, yes, i could grab my accoustic and my bells and 
drums etc but that still poses the problem of "looping", i was thinking 
in line with,perhaps, player piano rolls or a room full of wind up music 
boxes, accoustic items that can loop.......being a solo player, i cant get 
many folk to play with me now with all my little "black boxes" intact, 
cant you play the allmond brothers?"......i agree that "looping" was 
before electricity, chants, drum circles etc.......but i would be hard 
pressed to form a choir or a drum circle by myself......and for the life 
me, i cant find the feedback switch on my banjo.......:)......michael