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Re: Echoplex repair time vs. onset of the next Ice Age

I agree, that sounds like BS to me too. The echoplex hardware is really not
that complicated and is not very difficult to repair. I contacted Gibson
the other day when I saw this. They'll be in touch with Triple S on Monday,
to give them some "advice". I don't think Gibson knew this sort of thing
was happening (niether did I), which is why it is good to pick up your
phone and tell their customer support people about this sort of thing. If
the company they contract repair and warranty service to is not doing a
good job, I assure you they want to know about it so they can fix the


travis said:
>Four months?
>I think the Echoplex only has like ten modules inside it (feel free to 
>in at any moment Kim)--does the service manual for the EDP deal with
>component level repair?  And even then, a powerful smell of bullshit 
>to be wafting from the New Jersey area...
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>> The other one is one the West coast and I don't have any information on 
>> I had an EDP that has been at Triple S in New Jersey for over 4 months 
>> repairs. This was the second time I had it in and they couldn't fix it 
>> time. I know they have successfully repaired other EDP's, so they may be
>> worth a try. I would give them a call.

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