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Re: broken Echoplex footpedal

I don't use the EDP footpedal w/ my Echoplex(too flimsy)-I use momentarys 
Boss-but my question is on the 2nd page of that D.TORN article there is a
picture of his footpedal and it looks like the buttons have been replaced 
metal or something-it looks much sturdier and if I could find out what that
is I would start using mine!!...STANNER

>From: Kim Flint <kflint@annihilist.com>
>To: Loopers-Delight@annihilist.com
>Subject: Re: broken Echoplex footpedal
>Date: Mon, Dec 27, 1999, 7:29 PM

> At 8:08 AM -0800 12/27/99, Luis Angulo wrote:
>>Hi there,
>>I just repared my EDP Foot switcher. Is actually simple; Just buy a 
>>of the same Chinese or better switches and weld them. They are relatively
>>inexpensive. Its ashame that Oberheim built such a Powerful unit like the
>>EDP with such cheap components,it gives it a bad reputation!
> The echoplex pedal switches were not just chosen for price. They also are
> mechanically quiet, and have a reasonably good feel so you can tap
> accurately. Accuracy and feel is very important for looping controls,
> otherwise you will have a lot of problems tapping the switches in rhythm
> and getting the loop length right. I tried a lot of switches when we
> designed it, and ended up liking these cheaper ones best, believe it or
> not. Most of the heavy-duty expensive ones make loud clunking sounds when
> they contact, which is completely unacceptable for a music device. They
> also tend to be harder to press, which makes them hard to tap accurately.
> Your loops will always end up a little bit off.
> Oh yeah, and those heavy-duty switches cost $3-5 each in volume (vs 
> which would have more than doubled the price of the control pedal, which
> I'm sure would not have pleased many people. :-)  We figured if anybody
> really wanted those, they could go buy them and replace it themselves 
> it was so simple to do.
> When people have trouble with the switches breaking, it is often because
> they are tapping them way too hard. They won't last if you stomp on them
> with your motorcycle boots a lot. You have to realize that with a looping
> device, you are probably tapping the buttons far more often than with 
> average pedal. So they have to endure a lot anyway. Treat them nice, they
> last just fine. (Mine has worked fine for over 5 years, never even had to
> open it up....)  And really, there is no reason to stomp like that 
> You will find that a light touch will give you much more control and
> accuracy for tapping in rhythm. The natural inclination seems to be to
> stomp hard to be more accurate, when the opposite is more true!
> But, if you really do need to stomp, spend $5 and get a dozen replacement
> switches from mouser.com. Then don't worry about it and replace it when 
> need to. Easy to do and cheaper than guitar strings, drum sticks, sax
> reeds, turntable needles, batteries, etc. :-)
> kim
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