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Women in live looping and Producing Live Solo Looping Shows

     I was talking to a friend of mine about this silly little
conversion I made to make my Lexicon Jammans say 'Jamperson',  because
it bugged me the inate sexism in the name, when it suddenly occurred to
me:   I don't know of a single woman looping artist, nor have I noticed
any postings on this chain.  Please excuse my ignorance on the subject.

    Will everybody who knows a woman looper be into posting info about
them or convincing them to post to the group, assuming that there are
any.    I've noticed that the electronica world is more of a boys club
than even the sexist pop musical world.
It would be very cool if this could change.

     I'm going to be producing some live solo looping shows next spring
and summer  in Northern and Central California and I would love to
include some women in the shows.

    I would also be interested in knowing of any one out there who is
doing unusual and unconventional things in their looping shows (as
opposed to the typical guitar oriented
performance that seems to be most prevalent----don't get me wrong, I
know and love several guitarist loopers in my area, including my
incredible brother, Bill Walker, Gary Hull and the incomparable Miko B).

     If you are doing some cool unconventional and creative things in
your solo looping shows and you live either in Southern California,
Central California, Northern California or Nevada and are interested in
being involved in a series of Looping Festivals next year would you
please contact me?

    These festivals will most definitely be 'seat of your pants'
(although well publicized) and will probably preclude people being able
to take off a week with little or no pay without it crippling them
financially..........but then again, if you can afford an EDP or a
REPEATER in the first place  this will probably not be to painful ;-)~

please write me at     GLOBAL@cruzio.com
and mail me some kind of documentation of your work (I can play CDs,
cassettes, vinyl and minidiscs...........i can accomodate DATS put I
don't own one so would prefer it not to be
in this format.

My snail mail is:

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tele: 831-425-8659
e-mail: GLOBAL@cruzio.com

Thanks, Rick