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Re:Tape Loops Editing

> tape editing.... what basic
>  materials do I need?, -what type of adhesive do I use to splice? What's
>  an "editing block"? 
You need
1) "Splicing Tape" of the correct width to match your tape (1/4 in), you 
  need the stuff which is specially designed for the purpose.
3) A razor blade. Preferably a pack of the one edged ones.
2) An editing block is a metal block with a groove that holds your
  tape while you cut & splice. it also has  guides so that you 
  can cut at a fixed angle.(45,60,90 deg)
2b) Some people can get away with using scissors and no block. 
3) A demagnetiser to use on your razor blade (or scissors)every few edits.

Also, you'll probably want another tape deck.

Have you checked out the technique usually refered to as
Frippertronics? Passing a tape from one machine to another.
This lets you build up overdubbed loops without having to edit. 

Andy Butler
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