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Re: Women in live looping and Producing Live Solo Looping Shows


I am quite an unconventional looper. My name is Keith M. Kelley. I'm a 
from Chicago. I've pasted my short bio below. I would love to do some 
out your way. I will be snail mailing you a CD on Monday. Peace.

Artist's Bio:
Keith M. Kelley  is a poet, musician and audio artist. He has added the 
rhyme, reason and raw edge of the spoken word to the programming needs of: 
coffee houses, nightclubs, theaters, festivals, schools and national 
television and radio commercials. Keith is an exciting, engaging and 
performer with the ability to inspire audience members with a written line 
an adlibbed phrase. Kelley's work as the founder and Artistic Director of 
spoken word band, The Funky Wordsmyths, has earned much critical acclaim 
including: "Critic's Choice" in the Chicago Reader, "Best Poetry\Music 
Performer" in New City, a Chicago Music Award nomination and a "thank-you" 
the credits of the feature film "love jones". His poetic sense of humor 
earned him the reputation of being one "funny man" who tells great stories 
and always seems to find the metaphor in the current issues, trends and 
attitudes of the day. Keith M. Kelley has proven for almost a decade from 
York City to San Francisco that he is not only "another" performer of the 
spoken word or music; he is truly an innovator of both!