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Re: Women in live looping and Producing Live Solo Looping Shows

At 11:42 PM -0800 12/7/00, Rick Walker wrote:
>     Will everybody who knows a woman looper be into posting info about
>them or convincing them to post to the group, assuming that there are
>any.    I've noticed that the electronica world is more of a boys club
>than even the sexist pop musical world.
>It would be very cool if this could change.

A number of us here in Chicago are very conscious of the "boys club" 
phenomenon. In 1998 and '99 I helped and performed with several women 
sound artists and composers in a festival called "Mixing." 
Unfortunately the web site is no longer accessible. A lot artists 
performed in it; Pauline Oliveros among them.

Of those who were using real-time sampling and looping effects, there 
was Sarah Peebles from Toronto, Yuko Nexus6 from Japan, Christine 
Baczewska from New York, Danielle Malkoff from Chicago, and Andrea 
Polli (co-organizer of the festival).

Sarah, Andrea and Yuko all use MAX on Macintoshs, Christine used a 
couple JamMans, and I'm not sure what devices Danielle uses (she's a 
member of the wonderful group Ribbon Effect).

Sarah Peebles: http://www.interlog.com/~speeb/

Andrea Polli: http://homepage.interaccess.com/~apolli/

Yuko Nexus6: http://www02.so-net.ne.jp/~nexus6/index.html

Ribbon Effect has a new CD out on Roomtone Records, available on-line 
at http://www.insound.com or http://www.othermusic.com.

Let me know if you'd like Christine Baczewska's contact info.

Kaffe Matthews has also made a name for herself in the field of 
electronic music performance, using violin and real-time sampling on 
a system called Lisa, which was invented at STEIM in Amsterdam. Her 
record label is called Annette Works: 

Best regards,

sound thinking: http://pages.ripco.net/~eleon
upcoming performances: http://pages.ripco.net/~eleon/whatsnew.html