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Re: Updates to my MP3.com page

Hi there!

In a message dated 12/30/00 5:20:52 PM, hideaway53@opendoor.com writes:

<< On the technical side...I did notice some digital "crackles" on some of 
cuts.  I'm using streaming Real Player 8 and a cable modem to download your
music...a good pair of Sennheiser headphones as well. >>

Thanks for the feedback. This confirms what I suspected. For those who 
the patience (and the disc space) to download 'em the full size MP3s sound 
pretty okay. But the streaming stuff (which MP3.com creates for you from 
uploaded MP3 files and provides free for you page sound pretty glitchy at 

Your comments were helpful your praise very kind. Thanks!

Ted Killian