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Re: Updates to my MP3.com page


In a message dated 12/30/00 12:26:55 PM, maugli@intermess.com writes:

<< Nevertheless, I would like to ask you a question: does your 
sound-generation arsenal include an Eventide device of any kind? 
Are you willing to share with me any info on your gear used in 
your music? I am in the process of building my bedroom studio and I

would welcome any advice/opinion on any piece of sound gear. Of 
course, I wouldn't mind to tell you about what I've got so far... :-) >>

Nope. I'd love an Eventide device but they are much beyond my budget.
I've got quite a lot of stuff but it's been aquired over a long period of 
time (not all at once). Buying even a low-end Eventide would problay be 
a quick way of winding up in divorce court.

My signal chain starts with a Duncan equipped Gibson RD Artist guitar 
with a Roland GK-2A hex-pickup connecting me to my trusty old Roland 
GR-1 guitar synth. From there it goes to an ART SGE-2000 Express, 
Big Briar Moogerfooger, a pair of Boss RPS-10 pitch shifter delays, 
2 Lexicon Vortexes, an Alesis Microverb III, Emu Proteus III, Rocktron 
12-channel mixer and 2 Oberheim Echoplex Digital Pros. I also use a 
little Akai S-20 phrase sampler to play various stored ambient or 
rhythmic samples*. Along with a Marshall 8008 power amp this more or
less fills my 12-space rack. I play in stereo through 2 pairs of Seymour 
Duncan 1x12 cabs. I play fingerstyle with Ernie Ball metal finger picks
and sometimes with as many as 2 ebows.

*I create these samples with a combination of other tools/instruments
including a Lakewood acoustic guitar, a Yamaha DJX keyboard, a Casio 
MIDI Horn, an electrified kalimba (or m'bira) and a Turkish instrument 
called a cünbüs (kind of a mandolin/banjo hybrid that never plays in 
tune) and various computer programs on my Mac including Hyperprism, 
Groovemaker and Rebirth. 

Boy that looks like a boatload when you list it all out like that.

Anywho, I hope that was helpful. Now it's your turn...