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Re: CD manufacture (OT)

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> I just skimmed through the Discmakers site and the only sort of store
> placement offer I saw mentioned was a free signup with amazon.com's
> Amazon Advantage, which ANYONE can sign up for, so long as they have a
> bar code (though it's true that Discmakers does offer this service for
> free.  I don't know how much Amazon Advantage costs for non-Discmakers
> people).

Amazon Advantage is free to sign up and is worthwhile for anyone without
Distribution.  They take a much bigger cut from advantage participants than
they do with albums they get from distributors.

Discmakers makes their money off volume business.  This might be a good
thing if you're buying toilet paper, but it's not such a good thing when
you're producing an album.  Discmakers has good prices, but you can 
come close to that with a local pressing agent who can help gaurentee a
higher quality release and will spend more time educating you to the


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