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Re: Repeater spotted!

Hello list,

I was at NAMM yesterday as well, and spent quite a bit of time at the
Electrix booth, talking to both Damon and another fellow there (whose
name escapes me).  Both were very helpful and informative.

I think Rich pretty much summed it up with his last post, in terms of
functionality, software issues, etc.  

It seemed clear that the Electrix team were very anxious to get the
product out there, but at the same time the unofficial theme seemed to
be, "We will serve no looper before its time."  In other words, they
want to iron out all of the bugs in the software before shipping.  I
wouldn't be a bit surprised if the lingering myths about the Echoplex
being buggy are a factor here.

Speaking of the EDP, I'm sure one of the big questions here is, "How
does Repeater compare to the Echoplex."  I can't pretend to offer a
conclusive answer to that, since I spent about a half hour watching
and/or playing with the Repeater, as opposed to five years using an

My gut reaction is that these units share a lot of common ground, but
that there are areas with each one that the other doesn't touch.  I also
found a distinctly different psychological "feel" to each unit (again,
bearing my obvious predispositions in mind).  I can't possibly make any
further meaningful commentary until I actually know my way around a
Repeater, so I'll stop there.  

I had a very good time talking with the Electrix staff, and I wish them
all the best of luck in getting the unit out to the world ASAP.

--Andre LaFosse

PS -- So tell me, Damon, what does a person have to do to be a Beta