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Re: simultaneous, multiple-length loops

On Tue, 6 Feb 2001 jj179@juno.com wrote:

> > That's correct... so far we're stuck with having to have separate 
> > loopers to handle simultaneous DIFFERENT length loops. Which CAN be 
> > a very good thing... Sync and MIDI capability drives the price up 
> > quickly.
> <sigh>  is making a machine that can simultaneously play multiple-length
> loops just too difficult? is it simply not a feature that many loopers
> demand? could that very nice fellow from ElectrixPro add his 2 cents
> perhaps on the mechanics of 1) how this might be done from a
> manufacturing standpoint, and/or 2) why it's just too difficult to do?

I'm not too technically inclined about how loopers work, but doing this
would require several "clocks" and possibly several processors. Which
would drive the price out of practicality. I think $599 is a *very* good
price for the Repeater can do. 

travis salisbury