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Re: audience for 'out' music = derivitative of jazz

Dave Trenkel wrote:
> >keith mckenney wrote:
> >
> >> I think a lot of kids come to "creative" music via Sonic Youth &
> >> out-rockers, at least my circle did.
> >
> >Something that occured to me when this thread started is that Thurston
> >Moore and Lee Ranaldo (and I believe Michael Gira as well) spent time in
> >Glenn Branca's ensembles in the early '80s prior to forming Sonic Youth
> >(and Swans, in Gira's case).  So the cross-breeding bbetween academic
> >new music and rock  goes way back, though it really seems to have come
> >to a head over the last few years.
> And goes back even earlier than that. John Cale, before joining the 
> Underground, was a member of LaMonte Young's circle.

That's spelled La Monte.

John Cale was an academic who crossed over into rock. I don't have
the Wire interview handy, but he was in NYC on a grant as a student
(I think). He started playing with La Monte in the Theatre of Eternal
music and later joined the rock band the Velvet Underground. 

La Monte has never had any kind of academic affiliation after 
graduating university, existing on grants and patrons - as far as I

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