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Re: Rick replies for the last time on this subject

Don't feel so bad about not having a Repeater.  If there was a fun per 
award, I'd for sure give my JamMan one.  For a bit, I figured my Repeater 
make the JamMan obsolete, but after tearing down and putting my studio back
together, I found it still is a VERY viable piece of gear.  You won't find 
on Ebay anytime soon.  (though I wonder how the Repeater is effecting 
prices on ebay...)

So as the song goes, if you can't loop with the one you want, loop with 
the one
you have.  Just loop god damn it.

Mark Sottilaro

max valentino wrote:

> Hi all....
> I have been on the list for some time now, and on occaision have chimed 
> with my two cents worth of opinions, questions, and rants. I even got to
> meet several of you on the recent Bass Looping Tour, something for which 
> was humbly honored.
> I wanted to now, in this time of such heavy emotions, toss out a few 
> of thanks to everyone on the LD list.  For me personally, it has been and
> continues to be a great source of ideas, inspiration, and techniques for 
> art form I still learning.
> Yes, I use a JamMan and a DL4. No 'peater, no 'rang, no EDP, but I read 
> post of these other instruments, and (usually) find something in each 
> which deals with or inspires me to techniques I can use with my own 
> It seems like such a great and unique way for artists to exchange ideas 
> critiques, and inspirations....and, most of all, help each other to be
> creative in their musical endeavours!
> For that concept alone I tip my hat in salute to Kim!  What a radical
> concept: a forum where people can actually help each other!!  Is there
> some kind of prize we can nominate Kim for?
> I have exchanged ideas, via this forum, and because of this forum, with 
> immensely talented artists....many of whom I now count as my friends.  I
> have rec'd off-list e-mails from members offering ideas, concepts,
> congratulations, and questions and advice.  For me, and my ever-evolving
> loop-work, this list has been a God-send.
> Yet...for the past few weeks, many threads have degraded to a lot of
> bitching, name-calling, personal attacks, and, of this past week, many
> perhaps heart-felt but inappropriate comments on the state of world 
> Please...let us all get past this and return to the list to the
> inspirational reading I used to enjoy each morning with my coffee.
> In regards to looping machines, and such: to those of you who do not feel
> the Repeater is all it can be: Hey....at least you got one!  Your 
> and the money you invested will keep the companies interested in 
> loopers! Your comments, even those of you who seem a bit confused or
> disillusioned, help those of us who do not ( or have not yet) bought one!
> Thank you for sharing all those comments and reviews!  Thanks to all the 
> users for sharing their "found" or "discovered" techniques and 
>   Believe it or not, everytime I read one of these kinds of threads, I 
> myself thinking of how that could be effected by own rig...with my 
> technology.  Thanks to all you!
> Max
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