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Re: Cables

>that's the excuse that is usually given. IMO, that's not a valid excuse.
>How much does that have to do with the needs of their customers? Answer:
>nothing. These companies should suck it up, do the design work, get the
>approvals, and sell products that meet their customer's needs. And you the
>customer should be demanding that they do.
>Seriously, I design electronics hardware for a living. I know what it 
>to do a proper power supply design for a professional audio product and
>meet performance and regulatory requirements. It can be done easily in a
>product costing more than a couple hundred dollars. It isn't that hard
>unless your engineers are incompetent for the job. That's why I continue 
>say there is no excuse for wall warts in products intended for 
>audio use.

I would think an advantage to having the power supply handled outside the
unit would be that the same unit could be used in different nations with
different sorts of power.  Just get a different wall wart.
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