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Still talking about the RIAA

<<who is the 'anyone' you are referring to?  it's

  very easy to make a case for how the record
companies can stand to gain.>>

Yeah, like record companies don't make enough
money as it is. Besides, even if webcasting were
to put Clive Davis and David Geffen in the poor
house, it wouldn't break my heart.  

<<  more difficult to make a case for the
artists.  you make it sound like the RIAA is
interested in

When the hell did I say that?! You're trying to
make me out to be some kind of Nazi sympathizer,
or what? 

<< their whole purpose is to support record
company interest, NOT artist interest. >>

No kidding, Columbo!! We already know that!!! But
if you listen to their BS rhetoric, they make it
sound like they're doing this "for the artists".
That was my point. The artists DON'T gain
anything from CARP or any of the other BS tactics
the RIAA have been relying on lately. Let's face,
does anyone seriously think Sony or Atlantic or
any of those other outfits are gonna go under
anytime soon, just because somebody played one of
their records over the internet? 

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