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Re: Line 6 Echo Pro MIDI Control (long)

Hey Gary, thanks a million for your info! Your explaination of the extra 
Midi commands were really well detailed, and I imagined immediately the 
possibilities of these commands.

There are many people on this list who may not understand the power of 
the baby brother DL4. About 90% of my project utilises just one DL4 
unit - nothing else. Its a very organic box, and if you play on your 
own, or perform with good live performers who can sync to you, you can 
perform wonders with this little toy. Although I have yet to try an EDP, 
from my experiences with other looping tools, the DL4 is probably the 
only unit that I dont have to think about when I play... I use it 
automatically in the same subconcious way that I use the violin.

So.... it now exists in a stereo rack form with midi sync for the 
delays, and program changes to be able to utilise the many different 
sounds using a footswitch/controller. It allows now for 60s sample 
time.... it has balanced outputs.... and its $300 (I paid $330 for the 
DL4 when it first came out).

Dammit. I'm getting one :)

Just one question... is the loop sampler stereo? Or does it just have 
stereo bypass/mono record like the DL4? Anyone know?
Stuart Wyatt - Solo String Project