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Re: EDP and a BIG burst of static/hiss

Oh... and by the way, how can you be sure it's hardware and not software?
Seems like the machine is crashing, as would any computer running software.
Getting stuck in a boot sequence seems like software, no?

Mark Sottilaro

Kim Flint wrote:

> these are hardware issues, not software. almost always it turns out to 
>be a
> dirty memory socket or something like that.
> kim
> At 03:42 AM 9/9/2002, Jimmy Fowler wrote:
> >"Kim, Is ther any reason I shouldn't try to reinstall LoopIII?"
> >
> >question: are these problems only happening with LoopIV?  i never 
> >and have had NO software or hardware problems at all from either unit, 
> >being 6 months old and the other just a few weeks.
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