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Re: [looper's] RE: First Excursions into Frippertronics

On Friday, November 22, 2002, at 12:03 PM, Stan Card wrote:
so i'm just wondering since RF doesnt like his picture taken while playing-how did this bootleg video i have come about?
all it says is "robert fripp 27-Jan-95 San Diego,Ca" the guy obviously has his vid camera setup right in front of fripp and its a great show-'specially when he starts the show and begins pushing buttons and stompin on stompers and*nothing works*! its funny-fripp's tech comes out and starts crawling around the wires and boxes and fripp looks at the crowd and mumbles"talk among yourselves" to great laughter. eventually the shows goes w/out a hitch and its great.
anybody seen this one?

I haven't seen the video, but this sounds like an exact clone of the Soundscapes show RF did at Slim's in San Francisco at about the same time. Everything came to a screeching halt, RF smilingly instructed us to "feel free to talk among yourselves" while his tech fiddled about with the output connections on his Eventides. I made the hideous error of suggesting he bring back the Revoxes, earning a semi-withering glance in my general direction.

Rather quickly the loop sprang back to life in all it's previous glory, which for me was somewhat like seeing the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain, the music had previously seemed very organic and growing. Now the music momentarily seemed just this like this big sample that owed most of it's sonic luster to the expensive Eventides.

Once RF began to work with the loop again, the music regained it's interest. I guess this was a good example of the need for loop music to evolve to maintain listener involvement.