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RE: First Excursions into Frippertronics

At 08:56 PM 11/22/2002, Mark Hamburg wrote:
>on 11/22/02 7:14 AM, Richard Zvonar at zvonar@zvonar.com wrote:
> > These techniques were therefore common currency among the
> > musical avant garde when Eno turned Fripp on to the idea in the early
> > '70s.
>True. But can you give anyone other than Fripp credit for really pushing 
>in an essentially commercial, touring form?

a. Les Paul in the 50's
b. the beatles (very commercial, although not touring)

Les Paul was using looping in the late 50's (1956?), on tour and doing his 
radio shows with Mary Ford and the Les Paulverizer. Certainly they were 
much more commercial than Fripp, although probably not resulting in many 
people becoming loopers due to the prohibitive cost of the equipment at 

speaking of which, someone recently pointed out how the looping history 
page on LD has no mention of Les Paul, which does seem like quite an 
oversight. Does anybody know enough about what he did to add something 
about that to the page?


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