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Re: First Excursions into Frippertronics

> > If you are going to own one Frippertronics album, get "Let the Power 
> > 
> > If you are going to own one Fripp Soundscape album, I would probably 
>opt for
> > "A Blessing of Tears".
> > 
> > Mark
> Agree strongly that "A Blessing of Tears" is the "one".
> Cheers,
> Scott M2

Just to disagree with myself - 
"A Blessing of Tears" is haunting, beautiful, emotional and very ambient
but "No Pussyfooting" is a brilliant first response to the tape looping 
and I've never tired of it - so it may be the "one" if you want more 
(There's a version of "No Pussyfooting" out there on CD that also contains
the first side of "Evening Star".)

Scott M2