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OT: Simplification -> stuff for sale!!

Hi gang!

I've made the move to simplifying my entire setup, and therefore I have the
following stuff up for sale.  I'm posting here because a lot of this stuff
might appeal to the LD community.  JPG pics are available upon request.
Please contact me offlist if you are interested in any of these things.
I'll wait until the middle of next week before I venture into the badlands
of eBay.

These prices do not include shipping/insurance.  I'm willing to ship USPS 
UPS, your preference.

Roland GR-1 Guitar Synth w/ expanded memory card and 13 pin cable - $200
Includes the SR-GR1-01 expanded sound library, bringing the total memory to
6MB, and doubling the available tones.  Includes GR1 manual, power supply,
and 30 foot 13-pin cable.  Fripp still uses this one because of it's
beautiful tones and flexibility.

Roland GK-2A guitar synth pickup - $100
Designed for all of the GR series guitar synths, as well as the VG stuff.
Perfect working condition.  Includes mounting bracket for no-impact 
of the GK-2A controller on your guitar.  Also includes pickup mounting
screws and springs for permanent pickup mount.  I do not have the 2 sided
tape for temporary installs, but you can get some at your local hardware

Buy the GR-1 and the GK-2A - $250

Lexicon Vortex w/ power supply and manual - $100
The Vortex is a digital sound processor capable of phase, flange, chorus,
tremolo, pan and vibrato effects with an analogue type sound. It is also a
2sec echo/looper or a dual 1sec echo. It can combine these effects in a
number of ways.  But.... setting up any two of these sounds you can blend
seamlessly from one to another by a process known as morphing, and you can
do this with footpedal control.

Boss RPS-10 and RDD-20 in single space rack shelf w/ power supply - $200
The Boss RPS-10 is the well known delay, reverse delay and pitch shifter.
Used by Adrian Belew to deliver his signature reverse guitar sound.  The
RDD-20 is lesser known, but also a beautiful tone monster.  Regular and
modulated delays, with tone controls that effect the echoes.  This combo
includes a Boss PSA 120T power supply and a daisy chain cable to link power
from one box to the next.

Tube Works Blue Tube preamp/overdrive pedal - $100
Warm things up with a 12AX7 tube and full tone controls (Hi, Mid, Low,
Output and Drive).  Very quiet and warm.  Can go from clean tube to blues
breakup and crunch.  Perfect way to warm up a solid state rig.

Electro Harmonix Small Clone Reissue w/ power supply and original wooden
box - $40
You know this one.  Considered by some to be the very best stompbox chorus
available.  Note that this comes with the proper EH power supply.

Hughes & Kettner Jekyll & Hyde Overdrive/Distortion w/ One Spot power
supply - $120
2 channel overdrive/disto stompbox.  Jekyll channel sounds like the 
TS808 and even uses the JRC4558 op-amp.  Hyde channel goes from blues to
metal and everything in between.  EQ knob on Hyde changes from a flat EQ to
a wild scooped mids sound, while the Sharp/Blunt switch allows you to get a
very bright or more compressed sound.  Sweet.

Danelectro Free Speech Inline Talkbox - $50
Recently purchased and only used once for recording.  Tube thoroughly
cleaned with isopropyl alcohol!  The Free Speech is an *inline* talkbox, so
the sound shaped by your mouth is returned to your normal signal path, and
sent to your normal amplifier.  No need to an extra amp, or an extra
microphone and PA.  Amazing sounds out of this little bugger!!

SKB 8 Space Roto Rack - $100
Like brand new.  Removable front lid and back panel for easy access.
Rackable Mount Depth: 17 3/4", Lid Depth: 2 1/4", Max. Int. Width: 17 3/4",
Max. Int. Height: 15", Exterior Dimensions: 22" W, 21 3/4" D, 16 7/8" H,
Weight: 13.5 lbs.

Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro Footswitch (EFC-7) - $80
Perfect condition.  Just don't need it any more - I've gone MIDI for

Boss PW-10 COSM Wah w/ Boss power supply - $100
I love this thing, but I'm letting it go because it's covered in my GT-6.
This powerful pedal gives guitarists and bassists instant access to six
classic and modern wah sounds, plus all-new "Voice" and "Double Resonance"
modes which have never appeared in a wah pedal before. The V-Wah also
includes onboard overdrive/booster effects, user memory and noise-free
infrared pedal detection.  3 user memory locations allow players to store
their favorite wah settings for quick recall via the heel pedal switch.
Eight different kinds of built-in overdrive effects including BOSS classics
such as the OD-1 OverDrive, OD-2 Turbo OverDrive, MT-2 Metal Zone, DS-1
Distortion, BD-2 Blues Driver, as well as special "Muff Fuzz," "Guv Dist"
and Booster modes.

Morley ABY Boxes (2 of them) - $30 each
Passive ABY splitter box, with options for A only, B only, or A and B.  Not
a tone sucker at all, very small and thin, but extremely sturdy build.