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Re: Simplification -> stuff for sale!!

Just checked again, your letter, I might be interested in more of your 
I will be in touch with some questions, if you wish,
Pete Francz

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From: "Doug Cox" <dougcox@pdq.net>
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Sent: Sunday, December 15, 2002 3:55 PM
Subject: OT: Simplification -> stuff for sale!!

> Hi gang!
> I've made the move to simplifying my entire setup, and therefore I have
> following stuff up for sale.  I'm posting here because a lot of this 
> might appeal to the LD community.  JPG pics are available upon request.
> Please contact me offlist if you are interested in any of these things.
> I'll wait until the middle of next week before I venture into the 
> of eBay.
> These prices do not include shipping/insurance.  I'm willing to ship USPS
> UPS, your preference.
> ==========
> Roland GR-1 Guitar Synth w/ expanded memory card and 13 pin cable - $200
> Includes the SR-GR1-01 expanded sound library, bringing the total memory
> 6MB, and doubling the available tones.  Includes GR1 manual, power 
> and 30 foot 13-pin cable.  Fripp still uses this one because of it's
> beautiful tones and flexibility.
> Roland GK-2A guitar synth pickup - $100
> Designed for all of the GR series guitar synths, as well as the VG stuff.
> Perfect working condition.  Includes mounting bracket for no-impact
> of the GK-2A controller on your guitar.  Also includes pickup mounting
> screws and springs for permanent pickup mount.  I do not have the 2 sided
> tape for temporary installs, but you can get some at your local hardware
> store.
> Buy the GR-1 and the GK-2A - $250
> Lexicon Vortex w/ power supply and manual - $100
> The Vortex is a digital sound processor capable of phase, flange, chorus,
> tremolo, pan and vibrato effects with an analogue type sound. It is also 
> 2sec echo/looper or a dual 1sec echo. It can combine these effects in a
> number of ways.  But.... setting up any two of these sounds you can blend
> seamlessly from one to another by a process known as morphing, and you 
> do this with footpedal control.
> Boss RPS-10 and RDD-20 in single space rack shelf w/ power supply - $200
> The Boss RPS-10 is the well known delay, reverse delay and pitch shifter.
> Used by Adrian Belew to deliver his signature reverse guitar sound.  The
> RDD-20 is lesser known, but also a beautiful tone monster.  Regular and
> modulated delays, with tone controls that effect the echoes.  This combo
> includes a Boss PSA 120T power supply and a daisy chain cable to link
> from one box to the next.
> Tube Works Blue Tube preamp/overdrive pedal - $100
> Warm things up with a 12AX7 tube and full tone controls (Hi, Mid, Low,
> Output and Drive).  Very quiet and warm.  Can go from clean tube to blues
> breakup and crunch.  Perfect way to warm up a solid state rig.
> Electro Harmonix Small Clone Reissue w/ power supply and original wooden
> box - $40
> You know this one.  Considered by some to be the very best stompbox 
> available.  Note that this comes with the proper EH power supply.
> Hughes & Kettner Jekyll & Hyde Overdrive/Distortion w/ One Spot power
> supply - $120
> 2 channel overdrive/disto stompbox.  Jekyll channel sounds like the
> TS808 and even uses the JRC4558 op-amp.  Hyde channel goes from blues to
> metal and everything in between.  EQ knob on Hyde changes from a flat EQ
> a wild scooped mids sound, while the Sharp/Blunt switch allows you to get
> very bright or more compressed sound.  Sweet.
> Danelectro Free Speech Inline Talkbox - $50
> Recently purchased and only used once for recording.  Tube thoroughly
> cleaned with isopropyl alcohol!  The Free Speech is an *inline* talkbox,
> the sound shaped by your mouth is returned to your normal signal path, 
> sent to your normal amplifier.  No need to an extra amp, or an extra
> microphone and PA.  Amazing sounds out of this little bugger!!
> SKB 8 Space Roto Rack - $100
> Like brand new.  Removable front lid and back panel for easy access.
> Rackable Mount Depth: 17 3/4", Lid Depth: 2 1/4", Max. Int. Width: 17
> Max. Int. Height: 15", Exterior Dimensions: 22" W, 21 3/4" D, 16 7/8" H,
> Weight: 13.5 lbs.
> Gibson Echoplex Digital Pro Footswitch (EFC-7) - $80
> Perfect condition.  Just don't need it any more - I've gone MIDI for
> control.
> Boss PW-10 COSM Wah w/ Boss power supply - $100
> I love this thing, but I'm letting it go because it's covered in my GT-6.
> This powerful pedal gives guitarists and bassists instant access to six
> classic and modern wah sounds, plus all-new "Voice" and "Double 
> modes which have never appeared in a wah pedal before. The V-Wah also
> includes onboard overdrive/booster effects, user memory and noise-free
> infrared pedal detection.  3 user memory locations allow players to store
> their favorite wah settings for quick recall via the heel pedal switch.
> Eight different kinds of built-in overdrive effects including BOSS
> such as the OD-1 OverDrive, OD-2 Turbo OverDrive, MT-2 Metal Zone, DS-1
> Distortion, BD-2 Blues Driver, as well as special "Muff Fuzz," "Guv Dist"
> and Booster modes.
> Morley ABY Boxes (2 of them) - $30 each
> Passive ABY splitter box, with options for A only, B only, or A and B.
> a tone sucker at all, very small and thin, but extremely sturdy build.
> ===========
> Doug