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strangness indeed

<PRE>a couple of weeks ago someone commented on what he was thinking of 
independently would pop up on LD as a thread.....ive had this happen 
times (scary huh?).....this time it was the same issue, rack units.....low 
and behold, on christmas eve after getting home there was my new rack, a 
sweet ''gator" 6 space on the bottom and 10 on top for my mixer.....my 3 
electrx boxes fill the bottom and my mackie and Q-2 are up top, still have 
room for perhaps 2 more boxes.....boy did this organize my mess but i will 
tell you what, this thing being as small and compact as it is is still a 
much to schlepp around (im old and puny), im just "talent" for cryin out 
not some beer (yum) swillin roadie.....ah the injustice of it all.....now 
have to get shorter jacks, question: does having all that mess in the back 
effect the sound i.e. long cables running over power chords etc.? do i 
to "invest" in shorter cables or can i leave well enuf alone?.....im still 
sleepin with one eye open for fear of my family, they no longer beleave i 
win that many contests whereby i get "free" equipment!.....i keep telling 
them to have no fear, for when im done getting stuff, ill be able to make 
BIG BUCK with my tunes.....sure!.....anyway, if you have been wanting to 
a rack, do so, it will at least protect your tools but do watch out for 
portability issue.....i got something like 128 lbs. of cables in the thing 
alone.....:).....hope the holidays find you all LOOPIE.....michael