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     Trey Gunn uses one in his band (The Trey Gunn band) to good effect.  
He mentioned that it
sounds exceptional with a little fuzz thrown on.  Though a bit quieter 
than Godin's Multiac Nylon
(acoustically that is), it has a nice tone due to the doubled string 

     The 6 string fretless is a new one on me.  The synth access makes it 
that much more
interesting.  I've been using the Multiac Nylon with synth access for the 
past year and continue
to be blown away by the sounds that can come from a nylon stringed 
instrument.  And yes, I do
quite a bit of looping with it.


I was at Guitar Center the
other day and saw a Godin 12-string classical fretless!  The only time 
I've even
heard of someone playing an instrument like this is Pat Metheny, who used a
custom one on his live record from a year or two ago.  It sounds pretty
bizarre...I didn't get to play it, but I was imagining the fun someone 
have who's had experience playing fretless.  it's also got a plain finish
fingerboard, unmarked except for the edge; someone with a lot of patience 
construct a whole lot of mictrotonal scales and mark 'em out with chalk or 
grease pencil.

It's obviously begging to be used by people making unusual music...I'd 
love to
hear someone have some looping fun with it.

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