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Re: USPS for Shipping--Yeah!

I've had stuff usps to England, no problems at all much better and cheaper
than UPS

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Subject: USPS for Shipping--Yeah!

> Kim F. said:
> forget about overseas, I've had Airborne repeatedly lose shipments to me
> from inside the US. I never use them anymore. On the other hand, the good
> old US postal service has successfully made hundreds of shipments for me
> over the past year, both in the country and out, and never lost anything.
> kim
> I use USPS whenever possible--just sold my D Two on eBay for $300 and I'm
> gonna try to use them to ship if I can.  I have a lot of faith in the 
> Office--plus the SD County distribution center is 3 miles from my house.
> Gary