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Re: brotherhood of the bass

> i recall reading a post within the past few daze about "GUITAR" players
> picking up the "BASS" and doing something weird that a real genetic bass
> player would not do.....could i be further enlightened on this because i 
> thinking of picking up a bass myself (being a GUITAR player i really dont
> want to piss anyone else off.....everyone hates GUITAR players to begin
> with).....:).....ive only played bass several times and i loved it 
> for the "feeling" (a powerful monster sound "feeling" that you will not 
> from a "GUITAR") it was sooooo bassy).....i mean no disrespect to 
> but i often thought that some of you sounded like GUITAR players.....of
> course this is always while they were (OT) LOOPIN.....:)michael

i'm happy to say i use a bass signal w/ 99% of my guitar loops-
i just need to hear that boom -dont really know nothin about playin a real
bass-but i do know 'root-5th root-5th root-5th :-)
i use a whammy pedal-1 octave down patch which i see the guy from
'whitestripes' has stolt from me...