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(was - brotherhood of the bass) now - inside tip from the brotherhood

--- stanitarium@earthlink.net wrote:
> -dont really know
> nothin about playin a real
> bass-but i do know 'root-5th root-5th root-5th :-)
> i use a whammy pedal-1 octave down patch which i see
> the guy from
> 'whitestripes' has stolt from me...
> s

root-5th-octave seems to be a staple for most improv
music because it transcends major and minor and will
always work...

if you are theory inclined (or at least know if your
vibe is major or minor)...try throwing in a 10th (this
is an octave of the 3rd).  for majar or minor playing,
it really adds a lot and helps shape things especially
for a loop.  experiment a bit.  a solid bassline can
really take your music to a new level (if you are just
laying down the bassics).  and experiment with the
7th...a minor 7th with a major third gives that
wonderful funky feel.

you don't need to be a professor or a full-time
bassist to have an interesting bassline.  let's not
forget, jaco pastorius started on the drums!

peace and bass,
e va n

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