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Re: brotherhood of the bass/base

> What's up with local ads asking for "base guitar
> player"? I've seen it more than once. Is this
> somekind of new lingo for bassist? or are they ads
> written by folks who don't know 
> their homophones (or homographs for that matter)?

i think that the bass/base thing has more to do with
the sales guy who tells you that the speakers offer
extra bass (prononounced like the fish - yes, i've
actually encountered this).  as with everything, there
are always those who will try to talk the talk with or
without any clue as to what they are talking
about...(i think we've all been caught saying moog
with an ooh sound instead of the real way which rhymes
with vogue).

> Good bassists kick ass.

good musicians kick ass!

peace and bass,
e va n

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