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Re: Favorite Reverb for your looping rig ?

Ten years ago I sold my car and bought a Lexicon 300. I am still 
enjoying my response to that impulse, so to speak. The lex has 
sustained its value far longer than the car would have, and I was 
able to rent it out on tours and films for long enough to recover the 

It's a little big and heavy, but that looping harmonized bowed bass 
that Church program....mmmmm....

-Alex S.

At 4:32 PM -0400 5/5/03, Jeffrey Lomas wrote:
>I own a TC Electronic G-Major.  It's more than a reverb, but the reverb
>component is very nice.  It is also quiet like most TC Electronic 
>I also own a Lexicon Reflex (out of production) that was a pretty good buy
>for the money. The TC is better, though.
>>>  Hello Lovely Loopers,
>>>  I'm in the market for a new reverb unit for my rig. I used a 
>Quadraverb GT
>>>  for years but never really liked the reverb. I kept it for all it's 
>>>  features. A while back I got a Lexicon MPX 200. I hate the sound I'm
>>>  getting: thin and metallic. No preset editing seems to improve the
>>>  "aftertaste" of the tone.
>>>  I'm curious what others are using or would like to be using.
>>>  thanks much,
>>>  Zoe