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PXR4--Only OT Cause it Doesn't Loop

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From: Jimmy George wrote:

they are fun machines. used the smart media cards that cameras use. lil' 4
tracks have came a LONG way. dont know if they 'loop'.




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> Hi Freeloaders--
> I have just proudly ordered a Korg PXR4 from Zzounds thru Kim's website.
> Anybody else using this one?  Any chance of looping?
> Certainly will make it easier to capture performances of looping . . .
> Gary

I downloaded the manual and browsed it--sounds like it is much a Pandora as
it a PortaStudio.  It's got drum tracks!  And loads of guitar effects--2
seconds of delay--hey I used to loop with that in the 80s--but I now worry
about the sound quality (MP2???) and being able to export as a wave file to
the desktop.  Also of note--I searched the manual by key word--sorry guys,
no looping (rubber biscuit).