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Re: LOOPPOOL: Summer 2003 Live Looping Tour of Europe and the British Isles

On Wednesday, May 7, 2003, at 03:43  am, Rick Walker/Loop.pooL wrote:

> *June 28  PARIS  still negotiating  (anyone wanna host a house concert 
> in
> gay Paris
> or
> environs?)

Hi Rick!

I've still been searching for a venue (without luck). I've even tried 
cafe's that I know used to have live music, and what with the new laws 
regarding live entertainment, most have stopped having live bands. Most 
dont have any equipment any more....

I doubt that I will be in Paris for the gig on the 28th - but I've 
contacted as many people as I can to try and get you a place. Paris 
really sucks on the music front atm...

I'm escaping Paris at the end of the month/beginning of June. No doubt 
I'll bump into you somewhere.

Its an impressive tour list!

- Stu