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Re: rolling your own

Thanks all.
Another question: As I mentioned, I need to combine multiple outputs into an input. So far, I've been doing this with female input y-cables, which I have read in more than one place, is a Really Bad Idea, since you are feeding the line amp outs of each device into each other. Is this the case?
I posted to recording.org regarding this and someone responded that the problem could be solved by placing a resistor (I can't remember the size I'm afraid, and recording.org is down) on each output, to bring the power of the signal down to where it could do no damage.
Is this a feasible solution? Wouldn't this affect the tone of the signal?
The cables will short - less than a foot or so, so noise and degradation shouldn't been an issue.
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Subject: rolling your own

hey bIz

hell yeah i make my own. it can be a great way to save money, as well as getting precisely what you need for whatever you need it for, cable-wise.

for example - if you have a bunch of sources that are located physically nearby one another (such as in a rack) why not use a multichannel snake instead of individual runs? my rig has one 6 channel snake that Y's into 2 groups of 3 ch's; each of different lengths, terminating in a few different kinds of connectors and servicing both inputs and outputs. one side is connected right to a mixer, man does it save set up time (and for me, that's saying a lot.)

you can do a pretty good job with gepco snake for a job like this and it won't set you back like canare or mogami will.

and get a switchcraft catalog. you wouldn't know how many termination options there are in the world til you see one of these. man, i am SO down with right-angle 1/4" plugs. i get all sexed up just thinking bout em.

if you live near a decent pro-audio house (guitar center does NOT count) they should be able to sell you raw wire (snake, single conductor shielded, whatever you need) by the foot right off the roll. i'm lucky, living in nyc, i just go get. colors, even.

if you're not so well situated for that, a full compass catalog will do almost as nicely. you can get raw wire and connectors from them.

and the smell of solder - don't even START me!


on Thu, 8 May 2003 13:08:37 -0700
"Jonathan El-Bizri" <ssrndpty@hotmail.com>

I was wondering if anyone had any resources for making your own cables?
I'm in the process of rebuilding my rack, and would like to do a good job for once. Also, I have a number of specific items I need to create (such as y-cables for mixing two signals - with resistors inline) and making cables seems like a good place to start.