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Re: Calling all gearheads -- Electro-Harmonix "WIND"

Hi David-

This is just a guess aided by very hazy memories, but EH had a range of cheap "electronic percussion" boxes, Rolling Thunder, Crash Pad, etc. My guess is Wind was a noise generator for simple- you guessed it- "wind" effects.

Conn and Maestro used to make specific boxes for wind and brass players, usually based on dividers for square wave sub octaves. Any of these old boxes would be a lot more fun nowadays with the real-time layering that the Echoplex allows...


On Saturday, May 10, 2003, at 04:19 PM, David wrote:

Hi -
I need some help from uncovering if:
    1) I have a faulty memory, or
    2) Electro-Harmonix once -- looong ago -- created a pedal called a WIND.  Layed out like a "Bad-Stone" with one knob, and a switch.
A google search has found me nothing, so maybe my memory is faulty, or maybe trumpet players don't archive their effects pedals on the web like guitarists do... :-) 
Did EH ever make a pedal called a WIND specifically for wind instruments?  like electric trumpet players?
Thanks in advance.