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Very Good News!!!!!! Looping software!!! Come On !!!

Alright everyone! now is our chance.
received this email from the developer of psp42 plug-in today.

I am preparing the new release of Lexicon PSP42 (v.1.3). The main
modification is the phrase sampler improvement. In the previous versions of
PSP42 the phrase sampler features of PCM42 were implemented in a wrong way.
I fixed

Our current version does not include Gary's modifications. I consider doing
something like limited edition version, or maybe 'Gary Hall signature'. I
will ask Gary about the details of the modifications you mentioned in your
email. However, if you could provide me with description of those changes
too, I would be very grateful.

*****You mentioned that it included the extended
delay time (60s) as well as reverse playback... Anything else? The other
questions are how was the extended delay time displayed on the 4-digit
display and how was the reverse playback activated?*****

Could someone with a pcm42 send me the answer to the **** questions for the
designer to make sure we get all of Gary's modifications on there.
basically I need a list of all of Gary's modifications and how they were
implemented to pass the details on. And if you don't mind I'll put him in
contact with u.

 Also if everyone interested in seeing a decent software looping plug-in
could bombard PSP with interested emails we might get ourselves a brilliant
software looper released soon.
What do u think????????