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Re: Very Good News!!!!!! Looping software!!! Come On !!!

on 14/5/03 6:48 pm, Richard Zvonar at zvonar@zvonar.com wrote:

> At 6:20 PM +0100 5/14/03, Geoff Smith wrote:
>> *****You mentioned that it included the extended
>> delay time (60s) as well as reverse playback... Anything else? The other
>> questions are how was the extended delay time displayed on the 4-digit
>> display and how was the reverse playback activated?*****
>> Could someone with a pcm42 send me the answer to the **** questions for 
>> designer to make sure we get all of Gary's modifications on there.
>> basically I need a list of all of Gary's modifications and how they were
>> implemented to pass the details on. And if you don't mind I'll put him 
>> contact with u.
> I think a Gary Hall edition is a wonderful idea, but it shouldn't
> stop there. I can foresee a collection of PSP delay and phrase
> sampler plugs that pick up where Lexicon, Gary  Hall, and Bob Sellon
> left off. It is a good thing to preserve the "spirit" of the
> original, but given the open-endedness of software there could be
> some remarkable extrapolations.

Me too, and I'm very excited. Okay cancel the bombard bit thats just my
youthful enthusiasm or ignorance!
However I didn't post his email so that the promotions part of the company
would get the interest.
But your right I was wrong to say that.

However it would be nice if the developer knew that there was interest in
the development of phrase sampler/live-looper plug-in market.
Any suggestions?