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Re: Very Good News!!!!!! Looping software!!! Come On !!!

At 7:03 PM +0100 5/14/03, Geoff Smith wrote:

>Me too, and I'm very excited. Okay cancel the bombard bit thats just my
>youthful enthusiasm or ignorance!
>However I didn't post his email so that the promotions part of the company
>would get the interest.
>But your right I was wrong to say that.

It's a small company, so any "buzz" about their products gets known 
to all of them quickly.

>However it would be nice if the developer knew that there was interest in
>the development of phrase sampler/live-looper plug-in market.

I've sent him an e-mail pointing out that Loopers Delight is THE 
place for good ideas about product development and the best place to 
find prospective customers for any looping/sampling software they 
develop. I've encouraged him to subscribe to the list but offered to 
send him digests of pertinent discussions.

Of course people are free to make direct contact with the company 
(that's what you and I did, with good results), but if we discuss a 
lot of our ideas here first we'll have the benefit of our collective 

As we do this I think it's important to consider matters of 
coherence, tradition, design philosophy, etc. as they might apply to 
product development. PSP has begun to develop a product line based on 
emulations of classic analog and pre-DSP processors (cf. 
VintageWarmer), and their delay products have the blessing of 
Lexicon. It would make sense to pursue development in an organic way 
that builds on the Lexicon Prime Time/PCM-42 tradition, rather than 
(e.g.) create an EDP emulation. That's not to say they should avoid 
picking up ideas from other branches of the looping/sampling 
evolutionary tree, but that it might best be done in an incremental 
and connected way.

Richard Zvonar, PhD
(818) 788-2202