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Re: [looper's] OT- RE: Tony Blair -- closet looper????

At 7:03 PM +0100 5/14/03, goddard.duncan@mtvne.com wrote:
>  >>Please send British Prime Minister, Mr. Tony Blair, a Black Les Paul 
>and a
>complimentary EDP so that he can follow in the cross-picking footsteps of
>the guitarist he admires so well.<<
>first of all, I'm pretty sure he's a confirmed fender-man, and the 
>weight of a decent arch-top LP, in addition to the burden of running 
>the country and bringing up young children might be too much. 
>further evidence of the first statement is that the most recent 
>blair junior was christened "leo".
>second, why should this clot have cool toys for free when we have to 
>pay for them?
>third, british politics is repetitive and iterative enough without 
>they start looping their speeches electronically.
>but it sort of makes sense that he should like C21SM of all the 
>crimson tracks, since that's what he seems determined to turn us all 
>carrying the strat into 10 downing street was surely a post-clinton 
>friend-of-the-ordinary-people stunt, designed to attract the youth 
>vote. I'll believe it when I see him showing off his chops in the 
>dublin castle, and not a minute earlier. :-)

You Brits are light-years ahead of us in that regard these days --as 
I'm sure you all know(-:
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"Freedom is a scary thing --- So precious, so easy to lose".
      --  Laurie Anderson -- post 9.11

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